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The Financial Dashboard™ is an At-a-Glance Snapshot of the economic reality of the numbers inside your company.

The Purpose of the Financial Dashboard is to provide you a powerful tool with a simple and easy to understand interface that gives anyone the capacity “see” in graphical “whole pictures” the relationships between the financial statement fragments you currently use. This allows you to easily take command of your business' finance and cashflow. The Financial Dashboard supports education, coaching, and feedback on your actual business results and future direction.

Financial Dashboard Benefits

Financial Dashboard is designed to provide a simple visual overview of the health and direction of any organization that has financial statements, i.e. balance sheets, income statements (also known as profit and loss, or operating statement) and cash flow statements.

• The value of the relationships and patterns shown by the Financial Dashboard graphs formed the financial management core that guided IBM’s phenomenal growth (click here) for many decades!

• Communications with non-financial persons in your organization improves dramatically through the use of whole pictures. Everyone “gets it” immediately when shown the data in this way.

• The Return-on-Assets chart shows the degree to which short-term cost control is balanced with long-term marketing leverage, or the "big-picture" of how well a business is being managed.

• The Direct Method Cash Flow Statement, showing actual inflows and outflows to the bank account, coupled with the Indirect Method Statement can provide the necessary information required to successfully manage and anticipate cash in relation to the other two bottom lines. This is what is needed to really 'connect the dots'.

• Data can be entered Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually for up to 21 periods.

• This data creates 'speedometer', 'tachometer' and 'fuel gauge' views that give instant visual meaning to the numbers. This picture gives access to the overall status of the financial health of the organization.

Subscribing to Financial Dashboard

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